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Small kitchen storage

Small kitchen storage

Short on storage space? A small kitchen can quickly reach capacity but when there is a will there is a way. With a little creativity, and these simple storage ideas, you can maximise your kitchen’s potential and keep things tidy to boot. 

1. Kitchen reshuffle

If your kitchen looks like a bomb went off before you even start cooking, or you have a miscellaneous junk drawer jammed with utensils, you may want to rethink the way you’ve stored items. Have the tools you use the most in a single spot on your counter within reach, or hang them on the wall. Magnetic knife racks also make it easy to reach-and-grab and avoid accidents when you’re digging through jumbled drawers.

2. Add open shelving

If your pantry and cupboards are minuscule, then it’s time to look at adding open shelving to free up room for food storage. Open shelves can be added anywhere you have extra wall space or unused corners. Use stylish storage containers on your shelves and you’ll add a rustic chic factor to your microscopic kitchen.

3. Convert a coat closet

Food storage doesn’t need to be relegated just to the kitchen, an empty closet in the hallway can be a blessing in disguise. Just add some shelving or a portable storage cabinet and you’ve instantly created an extra pantry. Store bulk food items such as canned food that are not used everyday and replenish your main pantry. 

4.  Display your pots and pans

Hang up your pots and pans so they don’t take up precious food storage space in your cupboards. Of course only do this if they’re quality products that you don’t mind being on display! There are plenty of possibilities for how you can do this, some cool options include: a horizontal rack on the splashback above the stovetop, a central hanging type rack with hooks, or a series of hooks underneath a shelf. 

5. Non-pantry storage

If you’ve limited pantry storage space, then a stylish option is to introduce a stainless steel shelving unit into your kitchen. These are easy to assemble and come in various configurations. You can hold a multitude of items such as food canisters, wicker baskets, spices and cookbooks. 

6. Upgrade your containers

Transferring dry goods such as flour, sugar, rice into stylish containers will give your pantry or cupboards visual appeal, as well as freeing up space. There are so many options available, but glass canisters look great and with tight fitting flat lids of glass, rubber or plastic make them easier to stack. Don’t forget to label so you don’t mistake salt for sugar!

7. Make use of your cabinet doors

Even tiny kitchens will have cabinet doors and the back of these is a much under utilised space. From wire racks and magnetic strips for spices, to customised shelving and baskets for condiments, the more you can hang on the back of doors the more you will free up cupboard space for storage.

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