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When you think about your current job, are you constantly asking yourself “should I stay or should I go?”  
You know, a great number of talented individuals (just like yourself), ponder this question day-in and day-out. They’re stuck in a company that is stunting their career growth, or they’re putting up with bosses who make their life miserable. 
Problem is, the longer you stay in a job you loath, the more resentful, stressful and unhappy you’ll become. The stress of going to work every day can seriously damage your health, and ultimately will affect your relationships, your self-esteem, and your career path. 
So why do people stay in jobs that make them miserable? 
Mostly, it’s because they have underlying fears, anxieties, beliefs or habits that are stronger than their desire to walk out the door. 
Can these underlying issues be shifted? They can. 
The first step is to understand what fears and habits are holding you back. Then it’s about creating strategies that will support you and allow you to make the changes to move forward. 
Here are the 7 common reasons talented people stay stuck in jobs they hate:
1. Convenience/Timing
The job may be a nightmare, but the lifestyle convenience makes it easier for them to stay put. People can be hesitant to change jobs, if they are worried about a long commute to work or they may lose flexibility with hours to juggle home life. You may have personal circumstances that preclude you from moving on when you know in your heart it would be the best thing for you – in other words, the timing may not be right.
2. Fear of Change
People have a high need for certainty. So the risk of going to a new job, where everything is new and unknown, can often be a major barrier to changing jobs.
3. Lack of Confidence
For people who haven't job-hunted in years and aren't sure how to go about it, the thought of leaving their current position is downright scary. They can fear that other companies won’t want them, or that they may not be capable of doing well when starting in another company.
4. Friendships
It’s common for many to have formed close friendships with the people they work with. So the thought of breaking ties and losing those friendships is pretty confronting. 
5. Finances
If they’re burdened with a big mortgage, credit card debt or a personal loan, then worrying about the ability to sustain financial commitments can stop someone from moving on. Many people don’t want to compromise their current standard of living, so they think they are stay stuck where they are.
6. Waiting For Change
Unfortunately there are many employees that will stay on with a company, hoping and wishing that things will improve. They may hope their boss will leave or their circumstances will change, if you they just wait long enough.
7. You’re at a Cross Roads
People sometimes struggle with knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives and can have a tendency to remain stuck. A lack of career direction keeps them in their current role - no matter how uncomfortable - because they really don’t know what the alternative may look like. 
If you can relate to any of these reasons, then don’t despair. You can turn it around. 
Everyone has within them the power to change. The ability to make the decision to change the trajectory of their life. To escape that job they know doesn’t serve them and work in a role they’re passionate about. 
Decide you have the courage to make a change. 
After all, life is too short to live half-heartedly. Take hold of the reins and steer your life in the direction you want to go!


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